Nina Droff 1:05 p.m., December 23, 2022, amended at 1:06 p.m., December 23, 2022

At 24 hours of Christmas, the hour is in the rush of the last gifts for the postmen.

La Poste is ringing at the French to deliver the long-awaited mail and last packages.

And their coming is often much appreciated during these end-of-year celebrations.

Europe 1 followed Paul on his tour.

On Christmas Eve, it's a race to collect the last gifts to put under the tree.

La Poste is also running at full speed during this period to ensure that all packages arrive at their destination on time.

Blue jacket on his shoulders and helmet on his head, Paul scans each parcel before methodically storing them in his bike trailer.

"I sort them by street in each bag. Afterwards, when the streets are a little less busy, we can put two in. But always neatly arranged, because storage is a priority to save time. avoid looking for packages, falling down, having back pain."

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"We're a bit like Santa Claus!"

There is no time to waste as Paul has to deliver 88 packages this morning.

For the most part, these are Christmas gifts ordered at the last minute.

"At the moment, at Christmas time, it's busy," admits Paul.

"There are more parcels because people order a lot. Afterwards, it's fine, the customers are nice, we think we're delivering gifts. We're a bit like Santa Claus!"

During this holiday season, 2 to 3 million parcels are delivered every day by the Post Office.