The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, described Benjamin Netanyahu's government, which was formed, as "dangerous, extremist and irresponsible," and Netanyahu responded by accusing him of destroying the economy, while US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sent congratulations on the formation of the government.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Lapid considered that Netanyahu did not form the government, but rather Aryeh Deri, Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir who formed it, and he said that they were able to twist his arm and form it.

Lapid warned the Israelis against Netanyahu's government, which he said was "dangerous, extremist and irresponsible," considering that its president is weak and has lost control of it even before taking the oath, as he put it.

On the other hand, Netanyahu responded in a tweet on his account by saying that Lapid left the Israelis an economically and politically devastated country, and that he lost the elections, and he must go home.

American congratulations

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said yesterday, Thursday, at a press conference, "I congratulate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on announcing the formation of a new government."

"We look forward to working with Israel to advance the interests and values ​​that have long been at the heart of our relationship, and also to promote a broader approach to trying to achieve equal measures of security, opportunity, prosperity, and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians alike," Blinken added.

In response to a question about whether US diplomacy will work with the most extremist members of the new Israeli government, Blinken said that Washington will judge Israeli partners based on the policies they implement, and not on the personalities who happen to be in the government.

The US Secretary of State added that the United States has a history of "very frank conversations" with Israel despite the differences, due to the "strong partnership" and US commitment to Israel's security.

Minutes before midnight on Thursday, Netanyahu announced his success in forming a new government with his allies in the right-wing camp, before the end of the mandate granted to him by Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Among the most prominent upcoming ministers affiliated with the extreme right are the leader of the "Jewish Power" Itamar Ben Gvir, who will take over the national security portfolio, the leader of the "Religious Zionism" party, Bezalel Smotrich, who will be assigned the finance portfolio, and the leader of the "Shas" party, Aryeh Deri, who will get the interior portfolio.