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Death sentence for the presidency in charge of



Juan Guaidó and the interim government will stop leading the challenge against the Chavista revolution in a few days after losing a momentous vote yesterday during the extraordinary session held, via zoom, in the legitimate National Assembly (AN).

The block made up of the so-called opposition G-3 defeated those who supported Guaidó, also president of the AN elected in 2015,

by adding 72 votes in favor of the elimination of the presidency in charge

compared to 23, who proposed its extension during 2023. There were only nine abstentions.

This is the first discussion of the project to reform the Transition Statute, which will be ratified in a subsequent vote, during which the winners intend to detail

how the new architecture that replaces Guaidó will work.

The result puts an end to four years at the head of the presidency in charge of Venezuela in the greatest challenge that the all-powerful Bolivarian revolution has suffered and that opens a new window for Nicolás Maduro to deepen his strategy of international recognition.

An alternative path, which proposed declaring a permanent session until a unity agreement was reached,

was not accepted by the new majority either


"A leap into the void without guarantees," warned Guaidó about the proposal that must be ratified before January 5.

It contemplates the disappearance not only of the figure of Guaidó, but also of the interim government, but not of the AN, which will bet on a new architecture to maintain its pulse against the Chavista dictatorship.

"The time has come to rectify, we cannot perpetuate the executive and parliamentary powers in a single figure (Guaidó).

We cannot turn the interim government into the end of our struggle

, which allowed international dialogue, today less and less," highlighted the deputy of PJ Alfonso Marquina, in reference to the continental advance of the pink tide (leftist and populist presidents) and the criticism in the interior of Venezuela.


We have failed in our effort to remove the usurper Maduro

. It is now mandatory to achieve a great national agreement," added Juan Pablo Guanipa, another of the PJ leaders but who has also officiated, along with Guaidó, as vice president in the AN.


Not all the PJ deputies accepted the party vote, the most critical being Ismael García, who militated with the revolution in the early years of Hugo Chávez.


This that is happening makes me ashamed

. The interim government has served so that, among other things, there are countries that do not recognize Maduro. We have to respond to the country, not to the political fads.

We are giving Maduro the head of Guaidó

"García protested in his speech by zoom, like all the others.

Guaidó retained the support of Voluntad Popular (VP) and several deputies from smaller groups, who also abstained as they supported the third way, which sought an

entente cordiale

at any price.


We cannot be the ones who open the door for Maduro

to take over the frozen resources abroad," complained the deputy Sergio Vergara, from VP.

In the new architecture agreed upon by the G-3, the constitution of a Commission for Expenditure and Protection of frozen assets in the United States and Europe, which will not be made up of representatives or politicians, is particularly important.

This group of experts must replace the interim government in what is surely its greatest success, which raises various questions, because the judges assumed

that Guaidó was the interim president in the disputes that were taking place in different countries


For example, the authorities of the Bank of England keep under protection more than one billion dollars in gold bars from Venezuela's international reserves because the High Court of the United Kingdom disregarded Nicolás Maduro as president in continuity with the policy of the governments of London.

Along with this commission of experts, the ad hoc meetings of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will also gain importance.

The bloc that has forced the end of the government in charge is led by Primero Justicia (PJ, center right), Acción Democrática (AD) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), both members of the Socialist International.

And as the most critical spokesperson they have had Henrique Capriles

, who aspires to be a presidential candidate again after next year's primaries.

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