Some soccer fans in China, who were eliminated from the Qatar World Cup finals, are making an absurd claim that 'the owner of the World Cup championship is China'.

Recently, on Chinese social media, the claim that 'the owner of the World Cup is China' continues to rise.

The FIFA World Cup, the winner of the World Cup.

During the award ceremony, it is awarded to the winning country, then FIFA immediately collects it, and instead, a fake product is delivered to the winning country.

It is making an absurd claim that China, a manufacturer of counterfeit goods, is the protagonist.

However, it has not yet been confirmed whether this fake product was actually made in China.

However, it is true that China is the biggest sponsor of this World Cup.

It's a British data analysis company. According to global data, the four Chinese companies that participated as sponsors for the Qatar World Cup exceeded US companies with about 1.8 trillion won.

It is also said that 70% of Qatar World Cup-related items, including millions of soccer balls, are made in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China.