Aircraft carrier is a symbol of a country's comprehensive national strength and naval strength.

As a large maritime country with a long coastline and vast seas, China has long cherished the long-cherished wish of the Chinese nation to build a domestically-made aircraft carrier and defend the "blue land".

  The People's Navy of the new era is advancing courageously on the great journey of building a world-class navy in an all-round way.

On September 25, 2012, the Liaoning ship was officially listed, and the Chinese Navy had its own aircraft carrier for the first time, which opened the prelude to the era of aircraft carriers.

  On April 26, 2017, the Shandong ship was undocked and launched, marking that my country has fully possessed the capability of independent design, independent supporting, and independent construction of aircraft carriers, and the Chinese navy has entered the "dual aircraft carrier era".

  On June 17, 2022, China's No. 003 aircraft carrier was successfully launched at the Jiangnan Shipyard, named "Fujian Ship", and the hull number was "18".

This is the first catapult-type aircraft carrier designed and built by China completely independently. It adopts a flat straight-through long flight deck, is equipped with electromagnetic ejection and arresting devices, and has a full-load displacement of more than 80,000 tons.

  After ten years of hard work, the People's Navy has crossed the island chain, crossed the strait, entered the South China Sea, and went to the ocean, contributing solid strength to safeguarding national sovereignty and world peace and development.

The Chinese aircraft carrier has achieved a magnificent transformation from a single ship to a formation, from near seas to far seas, and from experimental training to preparation for war.

  The Liaoning ship has become an army, the Shandong ship has been commissioned, and the Fujian ship has been launched. Today, China has entered the era of "three aircraft carriers and passengers".

In the future, China's aircraft carrier will sail through the waves and set sail on the deep blue channel of chasing dreams in the blue sea and casting swords in the ocean, and will forge an unshakable force for building a maritime power!

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