• Inland Basque Country brings seven ETA members closer, including the murderers of Ernest Lluch and the Jiménez-Becerril couple

Jesús María Etxebarria Garaikoetxea

, a member of the 'Madrid command', will return 'home' for Christmas.

The ETA member tried just 20 years ago to sow terror at Christmas for thousands of people from Madrid.

Along with his partner

De él Gotzon Aranburu

, Etxebarria was transporting almost 180 kilos of explosives in 8 packages on December 17, 2000, which they intended to explode in shopping centers in the capital of Spain.

The guards

Antonio Molina


Juan Aguilar

prevented it.

Molina was killed by bullets from the ETA commando.

Together with Etxebarria, the Government of Sánchez has announced the approach to Basque and Navarrese prisons of six other ETA prisoners, including the murderers of

Ernest Lluch

and the couple


The Ministry of the Interior and the Basque Government have agreed to bring another 7 ETA members closer to the three prisons managed by the PNV and to the


prison still managed by Penitentiary Institutions.

An announcement that occurs the same day that the support platform for


prisoners publicizes its annual march that will be held on January 7 to bring the fifteen ETA members imprisoned outside the Basque Country and Navarra "home". .

The six members of the gang who in the coming days will join the 'Basque prison model' championed by lehendakari Urkullu are:

Fernando García Jodrá


José Ignacio Kruchaga Elezkano


Fernando Elejalde Tapia, Jesús María Echevarría Garaikoetxea and Daniel Pastor Alonso


Francisco Ruiz Romero, murderer of UPN councilor

Tomás Caballero

, will be transferred to the Pamplona prison.

The ETA members benefited from this approach to Basque prisons have extensive criminal records and two of them participated in the murder of former socialist minister Ernets Lluch.

Fernando García Jodrá and José Ignacio Krutxaga Elezkano.

On the night of November 21, 2000, Ernest Lluch was returning to his house on Avenida de Chile in Barcelona after having taught Economics at the Central University of Barcelona when, upon arriving at his home's garage, José Ignacio Krutxaga, an ETA member, told him He fired two shots to the head, killing him instantly.

Also close to Euskadi prisons will be José Luis Barrios, convicted of the murder of the PP councilor in Seville Alberto Jiménez-Becerril and his wife Ascensión García.

The couple was assassinated on January 30, 1988 with two shots to the neck perpetrated from behind by two ETA terrorists.

The approach of Jesús María Etxebarria occurs on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the murder of Antonio Molina, the Civil Guard agent who, together with Juan Aguilar -who was wounded in the shooting- intercepted the ETA command in Collado Villalba.

The member of the 'Madrid commando' shot Molina and his partner Juan Aguilar when they stopped the Ford Escort they were driving.

The son and nephew of civil guards, Molina, a 27-year-old from Melilla, prevented the ETA members from taking almost 180 kilos of explosives to Madrid in 8 packages that they intended to blow up in shopping centers during Christmas 2000.

Molina, as his brother Pedro explained this week in Cadena Ser Euskadi, had already suffered social rejection in the Basque Country for being the son of a civil guard when his father was stationed in Arrigorriaga, Intxaurrondo and Bilbao.

"My greatest consolation is that he avoided a massacre," Pedro Molina recorded before learning that his brother's murderer will be transferred to Euskadi in the coming days.

"I have my brother present at all times and, despite the fact that we are a very close family, we lost the Christmas feeling with his death," acknowledged the brother of a civil guard described as a "hero" by the then Interior Minister Ángel Holly.

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