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Allegations have been made that the Belarusian authorities prevented this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate Alex Bialyatsky, 60, from delivering his speech at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony while he is in prison.

The Associated Press reported on the 8th local time that Bialli Atsuki was in a situation where he could not even deliver the award speech to his wife, let alone attend the awards ceremony.

His wife, Natalia Pinchuk, who will be attending the ceremony on behalf of her husband, said: "The situation with correspondence is tricky. Everything is being closely monitored."

Belarusian human rights activist Alex Bialyatsky is considered a representative figure against the iron-fisted rule of President Alexandro Lukashenko, who is called "Europe's last dictator."

In 1996, he founded the 'Vasna' human rights group and has been accusing him of allegations of fraudulent elections and harsh suppression of democratization protests.

He was named this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate along with the Russian civic group Memorial and the Ukrainian civic group Center for Civil Freedom (CCL).

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The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway

When the Nobel Peace Prize winners were announced in October, the Nobel Committee said, "Our message is that the Belarusian authorities release Bialyatsky."

"I hope he will be released and come to Oslo, Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize," he added.

But when it became difficult for Bialiatsky to attend the awards ceremony, his wife said, "We already know very well about the convictions he has shown so far."

Meanwhile, this year's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony will be held in Oslo, Norway on the 10th.

In the 121-year history of the Nobel Prize, Bialiatsky is only the 4th winner in prison.

He is said to have been allowed only one visit with his wife, Pinchuk, since his arrest.

"One of her husband's lawyers has already been imprisoned, and another has had his license revoked," Pinchuk said. I did.

Still, she stressed that she "hopes that the Nobel Prize will help to draw attention to Belarus and to Belarusians who are imprisoned."

(Photo = Vialiatsky Facebook, Yonhap News)