For the first time since the start of the World Cup, North Korea aired South Korea's match on Chosun Central TV.

Reporter Ahn Jung-sik, who specializes in North Korea, pointed out the intention as to why North Korea, which was only ignoring our game, recorded and relayed the round of 16 match we lost to Brazil.

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Qatar World Cup round of 16 Korea vs. Brazil match was recorded and broadcast in North Korea through Chosun Central TV last night (7th).

[Chosun Central TV: We will send you the round of 16 match between the Brazilian team and the South Korean team.]

It is the first time that North Korea has broadcast a South Korean game since the opening of the World Cup.

North Korea, which had been broadcasting except for the Korea-US-Japan match at the beginning of the World Cup, started broadcasting the US and Japan matches belatedly, but did not broadcast the three group stage matches of the Korean team to the end.

North Korea's decision to broadcast South Korea's game in the round of 16 seems to have taken into account the fact that the Brazilian team is ranked No.

Chosun Central TV relayed the game in a relatively neutral manner, while reporting the Korean team's goal chances.

[Chosun Central TV: A thrilling scene unfolded in front of the Brazilian team's gate.]

A detailed explanation of Son Heung-min was also added.

[Chosun Central TV: (Son Heung-min) is the captain of the team, 30 years old and 183 cm tall.

He is playing for the Tottenham Hotspur team.]

Chosun Central TV, which introduced Son Heung-min as the main player of the Korean team, also reported that he was not able to show his skills due to the Brazilian team's intensive defense.

[Chosun Central TV: Heung-min Son is unable to find the rhythm of his game because the defenders of the Brazilian team are thoroughly defending him.

] , The International Football Federation (FIFA) is providing support to North Korea after receiving transfer rights from the three terrestrial broadcasters.

(Video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)