, December 7 (Xinhua) Comprehensive US media reported on the 6th that after Musk took over Twitter to carry out drastic reforms, the city of San Francisco recently received a report that Twitter illegally set up bedrooms in its headquarters.

The city has launched an investigation and, if substantiated, a violation notice will be issued.

  According to "Forbes" business magazine, citing sources, Musk expressed his support for employees who are serious about working and sleeping in the office. In recent weeks, Twitter headquarters has converted some conference rooms into bedrooms for "core employees", equipped with mattresses. , curtains and conference room remote control equipment, etc.

  The office has an estimated four to eight "comfortable" bedrooms per floor, according to Twitter employees, who asked not to be named.

  According to the "San Francisco Chronicle" report, Patrick Hannan (Patrick Hannan), a spokesman for the San Francisco City Government's Building Inspection Department, said that he has launched an investigation into the complaints received and has further contacted the manager of the building to find out whether the building violated the law. Set up the bedroom.

  Musk appeared to confirm that Twitter had installed beds in the office, and criticized San Francisco Mayor London Breed for focusing on the city's drug crisis instead of censoring Twitter.

  "San Francisco attacks companies that provide beds for tired workers instead of keeping kids (drugs) safe. Do you know what your priorities are?" Musk tweeted.

  As of now, Twitter and the San Francisco City Building Inspection Department have not commented on this.