In an interview with the Prime agency, she said that when forming payments, the most profitable option for a pensioner is chosen, while in some cases it is worth not reporting on certain periods of PFR service.

“In some cases, trying to take into account as many periods of service as possible, pensioners run the risk of getting the opposite effect - reducing the size of the pension,” Nogailiyeva said.

So, we are talking about such periods as receiving vocational education, caring for a child by one of the parents until he reaches the age of one and a half years, as well as working in the regions of the Far North.

Earlier, the deputy head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma of Russia, Yaroslav Nilov, prepared a bill to amend Art.

32 of the federal law "On insurance pensions".

The bill provides for the early (five years earlier) appointment of an old-age insurance pension to war veterans.

Copies of the text of the bill and an explanatory note to it are available to RT.

Elena Grigorieva, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics at RUDN University, recommended that Russians check the amount of transfers to the Pension Fund.