China News Agency, Beijing, December 7th, Lausanne News: The International Olympic Committee announced on the 6th local time that considering climate change and its impact on ice and snow events, it will postpone the election of the host city for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

  According to the official website of the International Olympic Committee, Octavian Moura, the head of the Future Winter Olympics Committee and member of the International Olympic Committee, stayed at the meeting of the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee on the same day. The following challenges and recommendations were raised during the election report:

  First, the research shows that the number of regions with a climate suitable for hosting the Winter Olympics has a potential downward trend;

  Second, the International Winter Sports Federation is discussing the adjustment of the winter event calendar and potential new events;

  The third is to explore the qualifications of the fixed venues for the Winter Olympics, and in the future, only the qualified venues will hold the Winter Olympics in rotation;

  Fourth, in order to prove that the climate is suitable for hosting the Winter Olympics, the bidder must provide a certificate that the average minimum temperature during the Winter Olympics was lower than zero degrees Celsius in the past ten years.

  According to sources, the report triggered a wider discussion on climate change, sustainable winter sports and future opportunities and challenges. In order to select the most suitable venue for the Winter Olympics.

This also means that the International Olympic Committee will not select the venue for the 2030 Winter Olympics at the originally planned 140th plenary session in 2023.

  The IOC said all three cities interested in bidding for the 2030 Winter Games had been notified on the same day.

  According to the Associated Press, the three cities that intend to bid are Salt Lake City in the United States, Sapporo in Japan and Vancouver in Canada.

  "The new, flexible approach to host elections is designed to enable the IOC to respond quickly and effectively to the changing global environment, bringing benefits to athletes, all Olympic participants and sport as a whole," said Moraliu. interests." (End)