The Indonesian police reported that two people were killed and others injured in a suspected suicide bombing that occurred today, Wednesday, at the Astana Anyar police station, in the city of Bandung, the capital of West Java province.

Police officials told local media that a person carrying a knife blew himself up shortly after entering the police station, and that at least 3 police officers were injured in the blast.

The head of the Information Office of the National Police said that the local police in Bandung city are coordinating with the Anti-Terrorism Unit to investigate the incident.

Local media quoted residents as saying that the explosion was strong, while local networks showed footage of damage to the entrance to the police station, while roads were closed in the area.

Indonesia, the world's largest country in terms of Muslim population, has been subjected to several attacks, some of which targeted police stations.

And in 2019, Indonesia enacted a tough new anti-terrorism law after suicide bombings linked to a group inspired by the Islamic State.