The German authorities announced that they have carried out a major anti-terror operation since Wednesday morning, at a time when the Public Prosecutor issued arrest warrants for 25 suspects of belonging to the "Reichscitizens" group.

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said the public prosecutor was investigating a terrorist network suspected of planning an armed attack on constitutional institutions.

In turn, the German Public Prosecutor issued today arrest warrants for 25 individuals suspected of belonging to the "Reichs Citizens" group.

A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor in Karlsruhe said in statements to the German news agency that the authorities launched the campaign in 11 German states.

No further details have yet been announced.

It should be noted that the members of the "Reich Citizens" group do not recognize the modern German state that was established after the collapse of Nazism, nor its laws, and refrain from paying taxes and social allowances, and insist that the "German Empire" still exists.