The student responsible for the poison attack at the Technical University in Darmstadt last year is being forced into a psychiatric hospital.

The Darmstadt district court decided on Tuesday.

According to the judges, the 33-year-old woman suffers from schizophrenia with paranoia.

Therefore, the court did not have to decide on a punishment, but on admission to a clinic.

In her imagination, the student was spied on and harassed by stalkers, said presiding judge Volker Wagner in his verdict.

The woman believed her tormentors were able to generate voices in her head with the help of technical devices and had projected images of torture and rape in front of her inner eye.

In their "mad system" employees of the university were among the tormentors.

She initially filed criminal charges against her.

When that came to nothing, she decided to kill the alleged pursuers.

The accused posed a danger because they could commit similar acts again.

You must also be helped, there is still hope of healing with medication.

In his pleading, public prosecutor Ansgar Martinsohn outlined the course of events in detail.

According to him, the student broke into building L2/01 on the Lichtwiese campus one night in August 2021.

There she stirred together chemicals from a laboratory and divided the mixture into seven containers with coffee water, milk and honey in two tea kitchens, a shared office and a break room.

Seven scientists were poisoned while drinking coffee or tea, one was in mortal danger.