• Finalist of the Créatrice d'Avenir 2022 competition, aimed at women entrepreneurs, Anne-Sophie Goujet, a resident of Seine-et-Marne, offers a mobile luggage service.

  • His company collects visitors' luggage directly from the train or plane, then returns them to their accommodation at the desired time.

  • While waiting in a café with your suitcases, “you easily lose up to 12 hours of visits”, she explains.

No more long hours of waiting, sitting in a café, luggage at your feet, for the hotel room to be ready.

Anne-Sophie Goujet, finalist in the Créatrice d'Avenir competition for women entrepreneurs in Seine-et-Marne, offers a mobile luggage service.

This service is mainly aimed at tourists who have come to visit Paris.

“They no longer need to check-in,” she explains.

We intervene on arrival, we collect the luggage, and we deliver it to the place of accommodation, at the desired time.

» Same process on arrival, the luggage is collected directly from the place of accommodation then returned, a few hours later, to the station or airport.

The three co-founders Anne-Sophie, Emie and Charlotte, met in high school.

Years later, they founded Alfred Travel, the personalized service “that helps you make the most of every minute in town”.

A device offered to tour operators, companies, but also to individuals.

At the price of 180 euros the four suitcases.

Win up to 12 hours of visit

"You can easily lose up to 12 hours of visiting a city by being stuck waiting with your suitcases," says Anne-Sophie Goujet.

The entrepreneur knows the problem well.

For several years, she worked in a duty free, and had to travel very often in the exercise of her profession.

“I was in charge of points of sale in Europe and the Middle East, she explains.

I was taking about 90 flights a year.


At the time, she searched online for a service that could take care of her luggage and make her life easier.

“It didn't exist, so I created it.

Accompanied by Emie and Charlotte, she launched the project in 2021. Today, more than fifteen tour operators use their services.

Find an ecological solution

For now, deliveries are made with company vehicles, vans or standard cars.

But, in the long term, Anne-Sophie would like to provide the company with a small fleet of three or four tricycles “for the last kilometres”.

A more ecological solution, but particularly expensive.

“We are in the middle of the quotes, and it would cost between 5,000 and 15,000 euros,” she estimates.

By winning the final of the Créatrice d'Avenir competition, in the "Innovation" category, the co-founders could win 4,500 euros, or even 7,500 euros if they win the competition in all categories.

“It would definitely help us,” confides Anne-Sophie Goujet.

Suspense, therefore, until the day of the final, on December 6th.


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