China News Agency, Montreal, December 5th. Canada's first full-scale electric vehicle production plant was unveiled on December 5th at an assembly plant of General Motors (GM) Canada in Ingersoll, Ontario.

  The assembly plant has been converted and is now used to produce electric light commercial vehicles powered by BrightDrop, General Motors' electronic freight delivery system.

The federal government of Canada and the provincial government of Ontario each invested $259 million into the renovation project.

Funding from the federal government will be channeled through its Strategic Innovation Fund and the Net Zero Emissions Accelerator.

The factory plans to achieve the goal of producing 50,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025.

  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford attended the unveiling ceremony.

Trudeau said the Canadian government is committed to advancing Canada's position as a global leader in electric vehicles.

  The automotive industry contributes $16 billion to Canada's gross domestic product and is one of Canada's most important export industries.

The auto industry also provides employment for nearly half a million Canadians.