, December 6th. On December 5th, a trip by Russian President Vladimir Putin aroused the attention of the outside world.

On the same day, Putin personally went to the Crimea Bridge, which was hit by an explosion two months ago, to hear a report on the progress of the repairs.

  At the same time, two Russian "military bases" were suddenly attacked by Ukrainian drones, and Russia launched a "large-scale" attack on Ukraine. The situation in Russia and Ukraine is once again facing the threat of heating up...

The picture shows Putin inspecting the Crimea Bridge.

Putin inspects Crimea bridge by car

  On December 5, Putin visited the Crimea Bridge and drove across the bridge himself.

In addition to the Russian Satellite News Agency, many Western media such as the Associated Press and Bloomberg also reported on Putin's visit.

  Russian Deputy Prime Minister Khusnurin reported to Putin on the progress of the maintenance work of the bridge.

At one point Putin parked his car at the site of the Oct. 8 explosion and got out to discuss bridge repairs.

  According to Russian officials, the assembly of all structures was carried out at the maintenance site.

A total of 500 people and about 21 pieces of equipment were involved in the restoration work.

Even during the storm, the Russian side carried out round-the-clock maintenance.

  The 19-kilometer Crimea Bridge connecting southern Russia with the Crimea Peninsula is the flagship project of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After completion, it was unveiled by Putin on May 15, 2018.

  Two months ago, on October 8, a truck exploded on the Crimean Bridge, causing a 7-car tanker of a freight train to catch fire and damage part of the highway bridge.

The official website of the Russian Federal Security Service reported that the organizer of the attack was the General Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, its head and related agents.

On October 8, satellite aerial photography of the Crimean Bridge that exploded and caught fire, thick smoke billowed on the bridge surface, and part of the road surface was broken.

Ukraine raids two Russian 'military bases'

  On the day Putin inspected the Crimea Bridge, the Associated Press and other foreign media quoted the Kremlin as saying that Ukrainian drones launched attacks on two "air force bases" in Russia's Saratov and Ryazan regions, killing at least Three people died and many others were injured.

  The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) said that the Engels "air force base" near the city of Saratov in southwestern Russia has Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The base in the Ryazan area is equipped with long-range aerial refueling aircraft, which can refuel aerial bombers.

  The Associated Press stated that the unprecedented attack in Russia could seriously escalate the crisis in Ukraine.

NBC also said that the attack may indicate that Kyiv has a new ability to carry out attacks far from the front line.

  In this regard, "Russia Today" reported that Ukrainian drones attacked Russian airports in the Saratov and Ryazan regions.

These two places are located more than 500 kilometers away from Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that three soldiers were killed and four others were injured when debris from the drone shot down by the air defense system hit related facilities.

The two planes were reported to have suffered minor damage.

  Russia’s TASS news agency also reported that Kremlin spokesman Peskov told reporters on the 5th that reports on accidents at facilities in Saratov and Ryazan had been submitted to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Data map: On October 10, multiple explosions occurred in the center of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

The picture shows the explosion in the center of Kyiv causing cars to burn.

Russia launches 'massive' strike on Ukraine

  As the mainland was attacked, Russia continued to launch attacks in many places in Ukraine.

  According to a "Russia Today" report, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated on December 5 that Russia used strategic bombers to carry out a "large-scale" strike with the purpose of preventing the Ukrainian army and weapons, equipment and ammunition provided by the West from being transported to the front line by rail.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that "all 17 designated targets were hit."

  The report quoted Ukrainian officials as saying that the power supply in the Ukrainian capital and many places was interrupted.

Among them, there was a comprehensive power outage in the Sumi area, and partial power outages in Cherkasy, Kharkov and other places.

Several targets in Dnipropetrovsk were also attacked.

The damage to the power grid has also seriously delayed railway traffic across Ukraine.

  The report also pointed out that after the Ukrainian attack damaged the Crimean bridge, Russia began to attack infrastructure targets in Ukraine.

Putin also told German Chancellor Scholz last week that while Russia had long avoided hitting certain targets, such strikes had become "necessary and inevitable" in response to Ukraine's provocative attacks on Russian civilian infrastructure .