Laura Van Lerberghe (in Brussels), edited by Ophélie Artaud 07:16, December 06, 2022

This Monday opened the trial of the attacks of March 22, 2016 in Brussels, which left 32 dead and more than 300 injured.

A difficult time for victims who want to turn the page and move on.

Three of them agreed to speak at the microphone of Europe 1. "I only hope that there will be justice", confides one of them.

First day of debate is already a bang on Monday, at the trial of the Brussels attacks.

One of the defendants, Mohamed Abrini, denounced the pitiful security conditions imposed on the detainees.

He threatens to remain silent throughout the trial.

Until Thursday, the Assize Court will read the indictment.

A summary of the investigation.

This is a painful step for victims who obviously want to turn the page and move on.

They will have to dive back into the nightmare of that day.

32 dead, more than 300 injured.

Three of them confided in Europe 1.

"Reviewing the images will be difficult"

March 22, 2016. It is 7:58 a.m.

A first bomb explodes in the airport of the capital.

A few meters away, Manuel, a porter, was burned in the face and hit in the leg.

Six years later, after undergoing 35 operations, he struggles on his crutches, worried about reliving his painful memories.

"The images, we have been reliving them since March 22. And to see these images once again, it will be difficult."

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Iana was injured after the explosion in the Maelbeek metro station, while she was pregnant.

"The trial is a really, really important step in the rebuilding. It's a chapter that needs to be closed. I just hope that in this justice system there will be justice."

Sometimes the guilt of still being alive.

The nightmares that still haunt him.

Philippe wants to tell him his story.

"My life was destroyed. I think it's essential to have this opportunity to go and testify about what I experienced at trial so that people understand what it was like."

A trial on which he counts to turn the page.