SpaceX, an American space company led by Elon Musk, has expanded its business from commercial satellite Internet to military satellite services.

SpaceX has unveiled its military satellite service 'Star Shield' through its homepage.

SpaceX said, "If the satellite internet service 'Starlink' is designed for general consumer and commercial use, 'Star Shield' is designed for government use."

CNBC broadcasting analyzed that SpaceX is expected to target the Department of Defense, which is currently the largest customer among US government agencies, for the Starshield project.

SpaceX did not disclose specific details of Starshield, but it did introduce that it would operate the service with a focus on ground observation, communications and auxiliary payload capabilities.

He emphasized that it is responsible for providing services related to national security, from installing receiving antennas to launching satellites and operating space satellite networks.

SpaceX plans to apply a high-reliability encryption system to Star Shield to keep the satellite payload confidential and to process data safely.

In addition, SpaceX explained that it is possible to connect other government satellites to the Starshield network by utilizing inter-satellite laser communication capabilities.

(Photo = Space X website capture, Yonhap News)