"Despite the time that has elapsed, no questioning had been initiated" by Mr. Morandini on these "transgressive acts," said the president, stressing nevertheless that "it does not appear from the file or from the debates, that we can qualify Mr. Morandini as a predator or a pedophile".

"This judgment is incomprehensible and quite severe, and we intend to appeal this decision", reacted the defendant's lawyer, Me Corinne Dreyfus-Schmidt.

The prosecution had requested against the star host of CNews a year in prison suspended during the trial at the end of October.

The court added a two-year care obligation as well as an entry in the file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses (Fijais).

"I am delighted that Mr. Morandini, who disputed the facts and was in denial, was found guilty by a reasoned judgment", reacted to AFP Me Francis Szpiner, lawyer for a victim and the association La voix of the child, saying he was relieved that the court had requested registration in the sex offender file.

The figure of the PAF, absent during the judgment, responded to messages sent to two 15-year-olds, in 2013 and in 2015-2016, which consisted for one of evoking sexual scenarios and, for the second, of asking him to send a photo of him naked.

Jean-Marc Morandini, 57, who passed through Europe 1 in particular, was also tried for having asked a third 16-year-old teenager to undress and masturbate at his home in 2009 during an audition for a remake project. of an American film, which never saw the light of day.

During his trial in October, he admitted "recklessness" but defended himself by invoking in particular a form of "humor".

His lawyers had pleaded for release, castigating a file built on "very fluctuating statements" and parasitized by a supposed "media lynching".

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