• Direct War Ukraine - Russia, last minute

  • Mission Twelve hours of work six days a week, this is the training for Ukrainians that will last two years

A group of soldiers drop to the ground, pull out a blue ribbon, and put a tourniquet on their left leg.

Meanwhile, others rehearse in pairs the transfer of comrades wounded in combat.

Further in the background, a third team refines its aim with the HK G36 rifles of the Army.

The 64 Ukrainians who began their instruction in Toledo on November 14 are progressing adequately.

They have been

training for two weeks

in which the Spanish Armed Forces provide them with an indoctrination

Basic entient to give the level when, next December 16, they return to Ukraine, not from maneuvers, but to the real war.

This Friday the European Union Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine was presented at the Toledo Infantry Academy.

An operation that

Spain is part

after providing the infrastructures and the administration that had been previously organized in

bilateral relationship with Ukraine

to train soldiers.

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Toledo, European training center for Ukrainians: "This opportunity helps us try to save our lives"

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    Marina Pina


Toledo, European training center for Ukrainians: "This opportunity helps us try to save our lives"

Thus, the 64 soldiers who are training these days in Toledo are the first group that is already part of this EU project.

A mission that is in its infancy and that over the months and under the coordination of the Military Training Command Capability of Brussels hopes that

coordinate the different actions

training offered by Spain, Germany and Poland.

At the moment, part of the Spanish commitment is

train up to 400 military

every two months in five-week rotations and also assume the

roundtrip transfer to Ukraine

of the soldiers.

They are basic training in which newly enlisted personnel without any military knowledge are taught the

movements on the battlefield

, combat in urban areas, notions of shooting and treatment of casualties.

All are in good spirits and pass a preliminary screening in Ukraine before coming to Spain.

Here, they are made a small

medical examination

before starting the training, which includes

12 hour days

for six and a half days a week, plus some 24-hour training to give them tools for night combat.

Combat casualty treatment exercise

Ishmael Herrero


Spain has allocated to

40 military

of the America Infantry Regiment, who have changed their barracks in Berrioplano (Navarra), to supervise the Ukrainian troops in Toledo.

They are the ones who correct each exercise and watch all the details of what they do.

They have divided the Ukrainians into three teams and they know their names and

some words in your language

to make the instruction more dynamic, although each group has a translator, Spanish or Ukrainian, who helps them.

The order they have is to prepare them as best as possible for the moment of battle.

For this reason, since in Spain they work with HK G36 submachine guns and in Ukraine they will have AKA 47, they are accustomed to loading ammunition on the side of the Soviet missile.

The average age of the soldiers who train these days in Toledo is

34 years

and the only thing they have in common between them is that they are

all men

and that their immediate destination is the front.

The rest, each one has a profile: there are some with higher education, with basic studies and with different occupations.

Everybody is

"very motivated"

, in the words of the lieutenant colonel who leads the formation, and they have psychological help at their disposal, although no one has requested it.

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