[Explanation] The 10th Strait Youth Festival Summit with the theme of "Working together for revival with me" was held in Fuzhou on December 2.

This year’s summit will be held online and offline. In addition to the main venue at the Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Center, there will also be a sub-venue in Taipei. The two places will conduct keynote dialogues and sharing sessions online.

  [Commentary] At the summit that day, young people from both sides of the strait took turns to share their stories of chasing, building, and realizing their dreams. In addition, guests from both sides of the strait offered their opinions and suggestions, discussing what opportunities Taiwan youths have and what they should do in the process of Chinese-style modernization.

  [Concurrent] Taiwan current affairs commentator Qiu Yi

  I think that the central and local governments in mainland China have done a good job of benefiting Taiwan, so that Taiwanese youth can live and work in mainland China in a good environment without any worries.

The current public rental housing policy and the schooling of the children of Taiwanese businessmen and youths can make these youths no longer have to worry about the future and can live in peace.

  [Explanation] Since the beginning of the first summit in 2013, the Straits Youth Day Summit has always insisted on promoting integration with accommodation, promoting integration with benefits, and promoting integration with emotion, and continued to seek the well-being of young people on both sides of the strait. ".

Many Taiwanese youths who participated in the meeting said in interviews with reporters that through holding exchange activities such as the Straits Youth Festival, they have seen the broad development prospects of the mainland and are willing to take root here and obtain more development opportunities.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Chen Yunjia

  Each of them has their own stories, so I think everyone can communicate with each other on this platform, and more sparks can be collided. There are still many young people in Taiwan who have never been to the mainland. I think they should come to the mainland more often. Take a look around to see the current development and changes in the mainland, and see if there are any opportunities.

Then you can also do more exchanges with friends on the mainland.

  [Concurrent] Taiwanese youth Li Zhengneng

  There must be more intensive and in-depth exchanges between the two sides of the strait. Taiwanese youth, especially college students, come to interact with college students here, and sometimes live together. I think this is a good way for young people on both sides of the strait to understand each other.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Straits Youth Festival.

Over the past ten years, the Haiqing Festival has held 265 cross-strait youth exchange activities, attracting nearly 30,000 cross-strait youths to participate, including 14,000 Taiwanese youths, covering 100 Taiwanese colleges, 100 Taiwanese college associations, and 100 Taiwanese youth groups. It has become the largest cross-strait youth exchange activity with the highest level, the widest range and the deepest influence.

  [Concurrent] Li Zhenghong, President of the National Federation of Taiwanese Enterprises

  In the past ten years, Haiqing Festival has continuously summed up experience and expanded its scale. What impresses me most is that it has established ten brands, which also represents the development of cross-strait youth exchanges in a better, deeper and broader direction. Here I also appeal to young people on both sides of the strait to use this very good platform to exchange emotions more deeply, complement each other's strengths, and learn from each other.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]