19-year-old Uma Abdi, together with Sowda Adan, also from Norrby, went on to compete in the Local's best poet competition which took place in Borås last Saturday, last week.

- It feels terrible, I didn't expect to win, says Uma Abdi.

Want to raise young people's voices in Norrby

One of the organizers of the competition in Borås is Khalil El Machharawi.

Organizer Khalil El Machharawi.

- We need to lift young people who live in the area about who are often not heard.

Give them a platform because we need more role models in the field, he says.

He hopes that competitions like this will be able to give a better picture of the Norrby district.

- It has been written very negatively for many years.

We who live here know how much love and power there is.

But it is also important to get the young people who live here to want to write and get involved in cultural life, says Khalil El Machharawi.