We are talking about Lambrecht's request to Linder to allocate a large sum for the acquisition of the missing weapons.

“Germany has problems not only energy and football.

Until recently, this country was considered a leader in Europe.

But it’s already something different, ”Pushkov wrote in his Telegram.

Earlier, the newspaper Politico, citing a letter from State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Steffen Zabisch, reported that Lindner refused the request of the head of the Ministry of Defense, Christina Lambrecht, who requested urgent financial support due to an acute shortage of weapons in the Bundeswehr. 

Prior to this, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz acknowledged the shortage of ammunition in Germany.

On November 30, the head of the country's Accounts Chamber, Kai Scheller, during an interview with the RND media group, accused the country's government of hiding the problems of the state budget.