Mali: inauguration of the Gouina dam, of the OMVS, on the Senegal River

The bridge crossing the Senegal River in Kayes (illustration image).

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The heads of government of Guinea, Mauritania and Senegal were invited to the inauguration of this dam because it is a regional project.

Acting Prime Minister Abdoulaye Maïga inaugurates this Saturday the Gouina dam, 45 km from Kayes, in western Mali.

A major hydroelectric project of the Organization for the Development of the Senegal River.


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The ninth longest river in Africa, the Senegal River has several dams, including the Gouina dam, which is 1,347 meters long.

It was built upstream from Kayes, with a run-of-river power plant with a capacity of 140 Megawatts.

A gigantic work whose construction by the Chinese Sinohydro cost the Organization for the development of the Senegal River, the


, 283 billion FCFA, the equivalent of 424 million euros.

A sum financed at more than 80% by a loan from the Chinese bank Eximbank. 

The Gouina dam has already been supplying electricity for several months: it was connected to the electricity grid of Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal last March. 


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This inauguration therefore formalizes the entry into operation of one of the largest hydroelectric projects of the OMVS, after the Manantali dam, still in Mali, further upstream on a tributary of the Senegal, a little over twenty years ago. .

While waiting for the next even more powerful project planned in Guinea and which should make it possible, hopes the OMVS, to cover the energy needs of the four Member States.

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