Every year, roughly 200,000 people have traveled with bus 570. But that is not enough for Skånetrafiken, which now chooses to withdraw the line and invest in two new ones instead.

- With our limited resources, we choose to invest so that more people can travel.

For the vast majority, there will be better opportunities.

Unfortunately, it will get worse for those who travel between Borrby and Hammenhög, says Saman Tondnevis, business area manager at Skånetrafiken.

"The bus means a lot"

But it is not an explanation that satisfies the dissatisfied people at Borrby bus station who have gathered to walk the six kilometer stretch to Hammenhög.

- It seems that Skånetrafiken mostly invests in lines that transport people to and from Ystad and Simrishamn.

But for us who live here, it means a lot to be able to travel between the villages, says Daniel Zander, who initiated the protest march.

- In this way, we want to highlight the problem of walking along this 70-speed road where unfortunately many people drive 90 on it.

It will be everyday life for many school students and for us who live here.

Harder to get to school

Sixten Söborg Ingvarsson agrees.

- It will affect me a lot and many others, he says.

- We won't get to school that easily, we have to walk a long distance in the dark and cold.

Saman Tondnevis says that they listen to the travelers and that during the year they should look at whether they can do something for everyone who lives along the bus route.

The residents do not give up.

- We will contact our local politicians and the region.

We don't think it's that difficult to solve this problem, says Teresa Schiller-Knudsen.