Sveriges a-kassor, a service and interest organization for the social security funds, chose after a security-related incident to temporarily close all systems for preventive purposes for security reasons.

The problems are due to disruptions at the consulting company Softronic, which has hundreds of other customers in addition to the unemployment funds.

Members cannot currently access their social security fund.

Among other things, Kommunal's social security fund is affected.

An investigation into what has happened is underway with the help of external security experts and there is currently no forecast for when the systems can function again. 

- We work around the clock and if necessary at the weekend, says Tomas Eriksson, head of office for Sweden's unemployment insurance funds. 

At the moment, he cannot answer how many people are affected or whether sensitive information has been leaked.

- We hope that as few as possible will be affected by delays and we do everything we can to minimize the damage.

Housing companies affected

UC, Sweden's largest supplier of digital business and consumer information services, the trade union Byggnads and the municipal housing company Huge Bostäder in Huddinge are some of Softron's customers who have been affected.

The housing company has problems with, among other things, telephony, laundry bookings and fault reports. 

- It's tricky not having the opportunity to communicate with our tenants.

Now we post information in all stairwells and use Facebook.

For the employees, some of the systems are down, for example we cannot access the financial system, says the company's press contact Anders Sundqvist.

Softronic does not want to give any interviews.

In a press release on Friday, the company writes: "Due to a security-related incident, during the night, as a precaution, we have chosen to shut down all network traffic to Softronic's operating environments.

This means that several of our customers' systems are currently unavailable.

Together with industry experts, we work to minimize the impact".

MSB: "Of course serious"

Sweden's unemployment insurance funds have submitted a report to the Swedish Agency for Social Security and Emergency Preparedness (MSB) and made a report to the Privacy Protection Agency (IMY).

IMY normally receives 100-130 reports a week, and advises that it has not seen any increase in the number of reports this week or the previous week. 

MSB takes the incident seriously, but cannot go into any details about the account that the social security funds have submitted to the authority. 

- It is of course serious when socially important services are affected.

We are following the incident and are ready around the clock if advice or support is needed, says Anna Lagerkvist, case manager at MSB.

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