(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) France is facing a new wave of epidemic rebound, the Ministry of Health calls for vaccination before the holiday

  China News Agency, Paris, December 2 (Reporter Li Yang) According to the latest data on the new crown epidemic, France is facing a new wave of epidemic rebound.

The French Ministry of Health urges people to get vaccinated against the new crown before the Christmas and New Year holidays.

  Data show that France added 59,008 new confirmed cases of new crown in a single day on the 2nd, with a total of 37,975,060 confirmed cases; a total of 159,093 deaths, and 67 new deaths.

The average number of confirmed cases in a single day in France has now risen to nearly 55,000; the incidence rate of the new crown is nearly 500 confirmed cases per 100,000 residents, an increase of 38% within a week.

The incidence of new crowns in almost all French provinces is also on the rise.

  The French "Parisian" reported on the 2nd that the spread of the new coronavirus variant strain Omicron new subtype BQ.1.1 may be one of the main factors for the rebound of the epidemic.

The BQ.1.1 strain will surpass the BA.5 strain and become the main novel coronavirus strain currently prevalent in France.

  On the evening of the 1st, the French Ministry of Health called on the public to get vaccinated against the new crown vaccine before the Christmas and New Year's Day holidays in the epidemic analysis report, emphasizing that vaccination is "essential" to ensure that the vaccine can provide the greatest degree of protection and allow people to spend a happy holiday. Avoid saturation of the healthcare system.

The report also calls on the public to continue to maintain current epidemic prevention practices, such as ensuring social distance, to protect the most vulnerable groups.

  The French Ministry of Health has now further relaxed the scope of eligible groups for the fourth dose of vaccine. People who have been in contact with the elderly or other vulnerable groups can also receive the fourth dose of vaccine, and there is no age limit.

This means that people under the age of 60 now have the opportunity to receive a fourth dose of the vaccine.

However, French BFM TV reported on the 2nd that although the above measures have taken effect, many people still lack understanding of them.

  In addition, the French Ministry of Health is also worried that the new wave of epidemics and seasonal diseases such as bronchitis and influenza will jointly put huge pressure on the medical and health system in winter.

Some epidemiologists warned that the current epidemic situation is "unprecedented" and "full of uncertainties". There may be a superimposed peak of the three diseases during Christmas.