[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Recently, Ukrainian Football Association President Andrei Pavelko and Association Secretary-General Yuri Zapisotsky were arrested on suspicion of fraud and money laundering, which may affect Ukraine’s joint bid with Spain and Portugal to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. World Cup Soccer Program.

  According to a report on the "news.gerona.ca" website on November 30, the two officials of the Ukrainian Football Association were accused of misappropriating funds for the construction of artificial grass factories on the stadium, involving an amount of about 26.5 million Ukrainian hryvnia (1 Ukrainian hryvnia). Nayo equals 0.2 RMB).

The two will be detained until January 22 next year for further investigation. If convicted, they will face up to 12 years in prison.

After paying 9.9 million Ukrainian hryvnia bail, Pavelko was temporarily released pending a trial, and his legal team said he had returned to his office to continue working.

  In October, Spain and Portugal, which originally planned to jointly bid to host the World Cup, officially included Ukraine in the bidding team. If the bid is successful, Ukraine will be able to host some events. The case of the arrest of the president of the country’s Football Association is likely to have an impact on the bidding plan .

(Han Lin)

  (Source: Global Times)