The Ukrainian government has called for a firm resistance to repeated attacks on infrastructure facilities by the Russian military.

Under these circumstances, the US and European countries are poised to strengthen their support, such as the US government emphasizing its intention to urgently assist Ukraine in restoring its power supply.

The Russian military has repeated large-scale missile attacks since October, and Ukraine is facing serious power shortages in various places, including the capital Kyiv.

The Ukrainian government has increased its vigilance against further attacks by the Russian military on infrastructure facilities, but Deputy Prime Minister Bereschuk posted on SNS on the 29th of last month, ``We cannot give in to the cold and darkness now. Only 100 days. After that, spring will come,” he wrote, calling on the people to continue to fight back even in the severe cold and lack of electricity and heating.

"Over the past few weeks, Russia has destroyed more than a third of Ukraine's energy system with airstrikes, plunged millions into bitter cold and darkness," said U.S. Secretary of State Brinken at a press conference on March 30. ' he criticized severely.

"We will continue to prove Putin wrong," he said, emphasizing his urgency to help restore power supplies to Ukraine.

The US State Department announced on the previous day that it will provide support of 53 million dollars, which is 7 billion yen in Japanese yen, and will provide transformers, breakers and vehicles.

In addition, Secretary Brinken has indicated that he will consider further strengthening the air defense system in order to protect Ukraine's infrastructure facilities from Russian attacks, and the United States and Europe are poised to strengthen their support.