China News Service, December 1st, comprehensive reports, the US Central Command confirmed in a statement on November 30 local time that Abu Hassan Qureshi, the top leader of the extremist organization "Islamic State", was arrested in mid-October. kill.

  The U.S. military also added that the operation was carried out by Syrian rebels in the southern Syrian province of Daraa, and the U.S. military was not involved.

  "Qureshi's death in mid-October was another blow to the Islamic State," the statement said.

  "'ISIS' remains a threat in the region," U.S. Central Command said.

"CENTCOM and our partners remain focused on defeating ISIS on a sustained basis."

  The White House welcomed the news.

White House spokesman Kirby said at a press conference that the United States welcomes the news that the leader of the "Islamic State" has been eliminated.

Kirby also pointed out: "There is one less 'ISIS' leader on the planet."

  The extremist organization "Islamic State" also confirmed the news of Qureshi's death.

A spokesman for the "Islamic State" organization said in an audio released on November 30 that "the leader of the organization, Abu Hassan Hashemi Qureshi, was recently killed in battle."

  It is reported that Qureshi is the second "Islamic State" leader to be killed this year.

A U.S. raid in northeastern Syria killed Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim Hashemi Qureshi in February, and Abu Hassan Hashemi Qureshi later Successor to the head of the organization.

  The extremist group has been trying to make a comeback, using sleeper cells to carry out deadly attacks in Iraq and Syria.

The group's Afghan affiliate has also claimed responsibility for attacks that have killed dozens in recent months.