“If we take the military situation from Snigirevka to the Dnieper, at a distance of these 20 km, Ukraine lost at least 10 thousand military personnel in a month and a half,” RIA Novosti quotes Barbashov.

He cited as an example the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Snigirevka by a detachment of 20 armored vehicles in the area, shot through by Russian artillery.

According to him, in Ukraine, the male population may end with a few more months of such hostilities.

Earlier, an officer of the People's Militia of the LPR, Andrei Marochko, said that the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine demanded that the leadership explain the advisability of an attack on Svatovo in the Lugansk People's Republic in conditions where the units suffer serious losses and do not have the necessary resources.

Prior to this, Marochko said that the Polish mercenaries who are fighting on the side of Kyiv are suffering enormous losses.