• The current president of the club administratively relegated to National 3 was indicted and remanded in custody, among other things for criminal association.

  • Justice is investigating a sprawling financial affair also implicating the alleged leaders of the Corsican criminal gang "Petit Bar".

  • Three other people, working for Crédit Mutuel d'Ajaccio, are also being prosecuted.

Four people, including the current president of the National 3 club Gazelec Ajaccio, Johann Carta, have been indicted, among other things for criminal association, the Marseille prosecutor's office announced on Tuesday in a press release.

The Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) of Marseille, which deals with cases of serious crime in the south-east of France, has opened a judicial investigation into facts of "extortion, fraud and money laundering in an organized gang" as well as "d 'association of criminals,' said the prosecution.

This investigation gave rise at the beginning of last week to the placement in police custody of nine people, had indicated to sources close to the file.

Among these nine people, four were the subject of a warrant to be brought before the investigating judge of the JIRS of Marseille, said the prosecution.

The current president of Gazelec Football Club Ajaccio (GFCA), Johann Carta, was indicted on Monday evening for "all the offenses cited" and placed in pre-trial detention.

The other three people, "working for Crédit Mutuel d'Ajaccio", were indicted for "complicity in fraud in an organized gang" and "criminal association", and placed under judicial supervision.

A possible link with the “Petit Bar” gang

Johann Carta is also at the heart of a preliminary investigation opened in September 2022 by the Ajaccio prosecutor's office for "pressure or threats against members of a court".

This investigation follows the discovery, in Johann Carta's phone, of several photos of the list of jurors for an assize trial for assassination, in March 2021 in Ajaccio, which ended in a general acquittal. .

Concerning the Ajaccien club, administratively demoted to National 3 in the summer of 2021, another investigation by the JIRS gave rise to the summons of three successive presidents who will be tried on February 8 and 9, 2023 for concealed work and abuse of corporate assets.

This file of social fraud has its source in the sprawling financial affair involving the alleged leaders of the Corsican criminal gang of the "Petit Bar" investigated by the JIRS of Marseille.

Olivier Miniconi, who chaired the GFCA for fourteen years, as well as his successors Christophe Ettori and Mathieu Messina, are suspected of having concealed bonuses, benefits in kind granted to players and employees for a total amount of more than 1.1 million euros since 2018, had specified the criminal court of Marseille during a hearing of status on April 29.

These alleged maneuvers would have caused damage that the body collecting social contributions estimates around 300,000 euros.

Miscellaneous facts

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