NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization discussed relations with China at the foreign ministers' meeting held in Romania, and it is important to reduce dependence on China in the procurement of strategically important materials such as rare earth mineral resources. We agreed that it was.

NATO held a meeting of foreign ministers in the Romanian capital Bucharest for two days until the 30th.

At the meeting, the future relationship with China will be discussed based on the fact that the summit meeting this summer adopted the "Strategic Concept," an action guideline that positions China as an entity that challenges NATO's interests, security, and values. Did.

At a press conference after the meeting, Secretary-General Stoltenberg emphasized that China is not an adversary of NATO and that economic relations will continue to be important.

On top of that, bearing in mind the strategically important mineral resources such as rare earths, he said, "We will recognize that we are dependent on China for the procurement of supplies, etc., and we will reduce our weaknesses and manage risks." It was revealed that they agreed that it was important to reduce the

At the meeting, they also agreed to strengthen support for former Soviet Union countries such as Moldova, which are not members of NATO, as they are under pressure from Russia, which continues to invade Ukraine.

The assistance is aimed at enhancing the ability of these countries to protect their independence and defend themselves, and will support necessary reforms and train their military and others in the future.