In July, the electricity bill at the Food and Chocolate Studio in Malmö was SEK 70,000 a month.

At the same time last year, it was just under SEK 6,000.

December is a good month for bakeries, says pastry chef Joel Lindkvist.

For him, it is the months after the turn of the year that he worries about.

So far, he has not had to fire anyone in the staff - but it may become relevant.

- I have expected that we would have the electricity subsidy in port to pay electricity bills and salaries.

So it feels like it will be a very tight quarter, and we will have to review the staff, opening hours and what we need to do, says Joel Lindqvist.

Got a promise from Ulf Kristersson

At the beginning of September, Joel Lindqvist was visited by the moderate leader Ulf Kristersson, who according to him promised support before Christmas - but now it looks like it will be delayed.

- I am very disappointed, I had really hoped that we would have received both the money and a clear announcement before Christmas, says Joel Lindqvist.

In the run-up to the election in early September, Ulf Kristersson (M) visited the Malmö food and chocolate studio.

"As I understood it, he promised that the money would be paid in good time before Christmas," says Joel Lindqvist.

Hear more in the clip.

Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

"Prioritized households"

According to Energy and Industry Minister Ebba Busch (KD), the question of the electricity subsidy for companies still needs to be prepared.

The reason is that the Energy Market Inspection's approval was delayed until November.

- This means that we need to prepare the question of the support for the companies a little further.

Then we completely chose sonic to prioritize households in this situation, says Ebba Busch.