In addition, the Democratic Party decided to propose a proposal to dismiss Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min to the National Assembly today (30th) as scheduled in order to hold him accountable for the Itaewon disaster.

If Minister Lee does not voluntarily resign after the proposal for dismissal is passed in the National Assembly, or if President Seok-Yeol Yoon does not accept the proposal for dismissal of Minister Lee, the Democratic Party plans to propose and process the motion for impeachment of Minister Lee next week.

Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun said at a press conference today at the National Assembly, "As the government's responsible person for disaster prevention and management, Minister Lee's mistakes are obvious."

This is to proceed with the original plan to propose a dismissal proposal today, report it as an agenda to the plenary session on the 1st of next month, and vote on it at the plenary session the next day.

In the opinion of some lawmakers that the impeachment bill should be proposed immediately at the general assembly yesterday, the floor leadership, including Park, suggested that there was a possibility of revising the existing policy, but at a meeting prior to the press conference, it was decided to follow the original plan.

When asked why he decided to propose the dismissal proposal first, Park said, "In terms of canceling the decision, there is an aspect of giving President Yoon and Minister Lee a last chance."

As the proposal to dismiss a member of the State Council is resolved with the motion of more than one-third of the current lawmakers and the approval of a majority of the current lawmakers, the Democratic Party with 169 seats, a majority in the National Assembly, can handle it alone.