Alexis Delafontaine 8:52 a.m., November 30, 2022

The government obtained a first victory in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday within the framework of the examination of the anti-squat bill.

MEPs adopted the principle of unilateral lease termination in the event of non-payment.

From now on, a landlord will therefore be able to break the lease of his tenant without going through the court case.

It is a very lively debate that agitates the National Assembly, should we better protect housing from illegal occupations?

If the examination of the anti-squat bill is taking time due to a strong mobilization of opposition, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday the government obtained a first significant advance by allowing landlords to terminate a lease more quickly in case of non-payment. 

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Legal procedures facilitated in the event of a dispute

In concrete terms, the Assembly facilitates legal proceedings in the event of a dispute, by systematically including in contracts an automatic termination clause.

A long-awaited measure by landlords who suffer from unpaid rent.

This progress is welcomed by Guillaume Kasbarian, the deputy behind the proposal.

“Finally, we will protect small owners who do not roll in gold”, proclaims the elected Renaissance.


What does the anti-squat bill contain that worries associations?

A reform described as anti-tenant by the left

But the left is headwind against this reform described as anti-tenant.

The rebellious Mathilde Panot prefers to stick to the opinion of the Defender of Rights, Claire Hédon.

"She says this law will not help landlords. And I would like to read you the conclusion of this opinion: 'the strengthening of the criminalization of unlawful occupation or the relaxation of procedures for eviction due to unpaid rent are neither necessary nor proportionate,” exclaimed the MP.

This bill, supported by the Republicans and the National Rally, should be definitively adopted in the coming days.