A miraculous rescue on Thanksgiving Day.

A man who accidentally fell onto New York City subway tracks on Nov. 24 was rescued by two police officers who were in the station at the time, reports

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Thanks to their intervention, the victim was saved in extremis and brought back to the platform a few seconds before the metro arrived.

The images of this tense rescue were captured by the on-board camera of one of the officers.

Relayed on social networks by the New York police, the video has been viewed more than 168,000 times on Facebook and more than 84,000 times on Twitter.

The heroics of NY's Finest always amazes me.

For the @NYPD25Pct officers who rescued a man from an oncoming train after he accidentally fell on the subway tracks yesterday in Manhattan — the courage is second nature.

Join me in saluting these great cops!


— Commissioner Sewell (@NYPDPC) November 25, 2022

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Hoisted to the dock just in time

Originally, the two officers were inspecting the subway platform.

They had, completely by chance, witnessed the fall of the man on the track, on the other side of the rails.

“We knew the train was coming,” said one of the two police officers at a press conference after the fact.

“Someone shouted, 'Two minutes!'

All we had to do was get him to safety.


The two police officers rushed to arrive as quickly as possible.

The one carrying the on-board camera came out into the street to access the other platform through a different entrance.

On the spot, a man had already descended on the rails to rescue the victim.

With his help, the police were able to hoist the injured man onto the dock to safety.

A few seconds later, the metro arrived at the station.

A third police officer trained in first aid was called and took care of the victim until the emergency services arrived.

Transported to hospital, the man is in stable condition and only suffered minor injuries to the hand and back.

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