Togo: deadly attack in Tiwoli in the northeast of the country

Location of Tiwoli, in the northeast of Togo.


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In Togo, the locality of Tiwoli, in the northeast of the country, was the scene of violent clashes last Thursday.

Armed men faced the Togolese soldiers deployed in the area.

According to several sources, at least a dozen soldiers were killed. 


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The attack would have taken place in broad daylight in this area of


, very close to the borders of Burkina Faso and Benin.

According to several sources, the attackers would have arrived in large numbers, resulting in a heavy toll within the Togolese forces.

The final number of victims is not yet available, but “ 

the search operations are still in progress 

”, confides a good source.

The attack has not been claimed, but we know that elements of JNIM, the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, scour the region.

In addition, this period of the year after the rainy season would allow terrorists to be more mobile and to cross rivers more easily, for example...

This sector is in the Savanes region, placed under a state of security emergency until next March, due to the Islamist threat.

Togo has deployed a large number of soldiers there, particularly as part of its "Koundjoare" operation, launched in September 2018, with the aim of preventing the infiltration of terrorist movements and fighters from the other side of the border. .

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The Tiwoli area was hit last week by an attack in the locality of Kpinkankandi, also close to the border with Burkina.

The Togolese authorities, without giving details, had then recognized "clashes".

A security source in the sub-region spoke of a complex operation, which killed 6 people.

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