The mayor of Échenon (Côte-d'Or), Dominique Lott, is one of 48 men suspected of having consulted child pornography content and arrested on Wednesday November 16 throughout France.

This situation prompted some residents and elected officials of the town to ask for his resignation.

But the city councilor refuses, as reported by France Bleu Bourgogne.

A trial scheduled for the end of April 2023

During the city council last Friday, citizens met in front of the town hall to make their claim heard.

A petition has also been circulated.

But the declaration of François-Xavier Rouhette, third assistant of Échenon, showered their hopes.

He explained that the mayor had chosen not to resign, preferring to wait for his trial on April 26, 2023 where he will be heard for “dissemination, detention and acquisition of the image of a minor presenting a pornographic character”.

During his police custody, the city councilor would have recognized some of the facts.

According to the Dijon prosecutor's office, "image and video files featuring minors aged 5 to 15, in suggestive poses, or having sex with each other or with adults" were found in his possession.


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