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or hyperrealistic babies are authentic works of art.

They are objects so perfect that they are repeatedly confused with real living beings.

Worldwide there is a growing movement around these dolls;

So much so that Madrid is hosting one of its main international fairs this weekend.

The art of making exact replicas of neonates began to become popular in Spain a little over a decade ago.

Several artists are involved in the 'gestation' process who, during the transformation of the doll, give

"all their love to the sculpture, just as if they were a son"

, explains María Valle Escudero, who together with the Asturian Marienca Gago directs the

Dolls and Reborn International Show in Madrid.

"Its conception begins with the work of sculptors [most of the artists are women] who, with clay molds, shape these 'babies'.

Later, they are reproduced in materials such as vinyl or silicone so that they have greater realism .


and lastly, they are hand-painted to achieve the nuances of color, texture or hair of a real baby."

The production process is not always handmade, and sometimes it involves the most innovative technology.

This is when an American company

scans real babies and, using a 3D printer

, gets the exact clone of a real child, made of materials that look like real skin.

Visitors to the Dolls and Reborn International Show in Madrid. ROBERTO ESPACIOS

Although they are inert objects, these replicas of lactating creatures are unique and collector's pieces of art that must be treated with great care, since "in every detail they recreate a baby with the utmost fidelity, even in the meticulousness with which which are manufactured".

In this sense, another of the objectives of these reborn babies is to provide them with the

greatest possible realism, even in gesticulation.

That makes the cost of materials increase considerably.

By touching their cheeks or forehead, for example, the replicas seem to come to life by moving in the same way a human baby would.

"The public mistakes them for real babies as they have every feature, every vein, hair and gesture of a newborn

. Even the average weight of a baby at birth is what these toys reproduce, which means they are he pays attention to every detail so that they seem real. That is why children see them and want to play with them, ignoring their value", emphasizes María.

During this weekend, in the events room of the RafaelHoteles Atocha in Madrid, this fair will host more than seventy exhibitors from countries such as Germany, Brazil and Colombia, where, in addition to having pieces for sale, they will exhibit the best of their catalogues.

You can also purchase all kinds of materials and accessories

such as clothing and accessories such as pacifiers or special baby bottles for these hyper-realistic creations.

On the other hand, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in the raffle for a reborn valued at more than two thousand euros, as well as in the

Wheel of Luck

, with which all kinds of

prizes will be awarded, from booties, pacifiers and bibs to a baby layette.

As usual in this type of meeting (countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom or the United States have their own events),

the event that will take place in Madrid will have a repair hospital

so that those visitors who wish and bring your little ones to have small repairs done.

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