As the government and ruling parties continue to discuss the fundamental strengthening of defense capabilities, during a Sunday debate on NHK, security policy officials from the ruling and opposition parties exchanged opinions on the pros and cons of increasing defense spending and how to secure financial resources. rice field.

In this, Former Defense Minister Onodera of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "Japan's defense budget has not increased significantly in 20 years. As neighboring countries continue to increase their defense costs, it is necessary to develop defense capabilities as one of the deterrents. It is necessary to have a certain level of capability to continue fighting, including ammunition, but it is definitely lacking.The most important source of financial resources is the reduction of expenditures.In the past few years, tax revenues have exceeded the above, so it is solid. We may be able to deal with it, but in the future we need stable financial resources."

Former Vice Minister of Defense Watanabe of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, "As a result of accumulating truly necessary defense spending, it is unavoidable to increase the amount, but we have to think about the fact that even unrelated budgets will blister. No tax increases or new taxes will be allowed, and the top priority is to find financial resources that can be generated by reviewing special accounts and funds."

Miki, chairman of the Japan Restoration Party's defense department, said, "The level of defense spending should be raised to 2% of GDP, and defense capabilities such as cybersecurity must be strengthened. We are opposed to tax increases, and we must drastically reduce expenditures. We should show the path of a medium- to long-term strategy that will be covered by increased tax revenues due to economic growth and economic growth."

Komeito's Foreign Policy and Security Research Chairman Sato said, "Although we cannot avoid increasing the defense budget, we cannot unilaterally accept a budget that is 21 trillion yen larger than the previous plan. In terms of funding, government bonds are fine, but in the medium- to long-term, it is important to secure permanent and stable financial resources."

Yamazoe, Vice Chairman of the Communist Party's Policy Committee, said, ``Increasing defense spending goes against the basic defense policy of not becoming a military superpower, and responds to the demands of the United States. and do not proceed.”

Former Democratic Party for the People Minister for Foreign Affairs Maehara said, "Although it is necessary to increase the defense budget, we would like to discuss how much to increase the amount while actually accumulating it, rather than focusing on the amount. We should show a stable source of revenue," he said.

Reiwa Shinsengumi Secretary-General Takai said, "Defense spending should be increased where it should be. We should eliminate the fact that 40% of SDF facilities do not meet earthquake resistance standards. On the other hand, waste should be eliminated." said.