Ida Söderlund started practicing pole dancing ten years ago in Stockholm and has been a regular since then.

Today, she trains in a room that she rents by the hour from Luleå municipality.

There, the bar needs to be set up and down at each session, and to hold a class of ten people, it would take three hours just to assemble the bars.

- There are a lot of people who have contacted us, so there is a need, she says.

Lacks premises that meet the needs

Ida has started an association, but she cannot yet open up to group training.

She has asked the question whether the dance poles can be set up permanently in the municipality's premises.

The answer was no and right now she is frantically looking to find a place that meets the standards to practice pole dancing.

- It requires both a suitable ceiling height and a firm base.

But I want to start pole dancing training to be able to share this interest with others and drive it forward in Norrbotten, says Ida Söderlund.

In the clip, you get to come along to a training session.