During this night a strong storm has hit the island of Ischia, in Italy, causing flooding and destruction everywhere and serious problems in the municipality of Casamicciola.

The rains that have fallen throughout the night have caused a landslide in the Celario area and there are at least 13 missing, as confirmed by the Carabinieri, although they assure that the final figure is "difficult to determine" yet.

Among the disappeared there is a family made up of a man, a woman and a newborn baby;

and also a 25-year-old girl.

A man who was dragged through the mud has already been rescued by rescue teams and is conscious and without serious injuries.

Due to the rains, a part of the mountain has given way and has reached

several houses in the town

, which are being searched by emergency teams, reinforced with units from Naples.

The missing are three members of a family, with a small child, and a 25-year-old foreign student, and all of them were in houses flooded by mud, according to local media reports.

One man was rescued from the torrent of mud and two were saved when their car was swept down the street into the sea, according to the fire department.

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