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Having clear ideas, the

absence of ego

and the mission of being happy have been the maxims of

Antonio Hidalgo

(57) so that he can continue laughing at life

without hurting anyone

and living in peace.

If three decades ago

Jesús Hermida made him

one of his most successful boys,

with Ana Rosa Quintana

he perpetuated that myth of being that boy that every woman would like to have

as a son-in-law.

Co -presenting

Sabor a ti

(1999-2002) made him part of that sentimental furniture that one clings to to avoid the mundane.

Antonio Hidalgo and Ana Rosa Quintana, in 2001.GTRES

Ana Rosa

is the current flagship of a fleet led until recently by Paolo Vasile and which is in danger of sinking (not her, but the rest).

According to the Vertele portal, until November 11,

the AR program

led the morning slot with a

16.3% audience share,

which translates into 431,000 viewers.

What is the secret of the presenter's power of seduction?

"He is the product of

intelligence, perseverance and effort.

Don't think about it anymore. He is a

very smart person,

very well prepared and has a lot of credibility," says Antonio Hidalgo, "in addition to having

a simple life,

he has made herself and

does not live like a star.

I have contact with her, what matters most to me is her health and

I want her to continue happy

because I owe her a lot and I am very grateful to her". In a certain sense she is the Spanish Oprah Winfrey.

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For 14 years, the beloved presenter has

lived in Murcia.

He received a call to replace Carlos Lozano on La 7 (regional television) and he stayed.

With the usual merriment, Hidalgo comments with the illusion of a child that

"since I arrived I fell in love with the quality of life,

they continue to give me love, I have a lot of friends, it breathes a lot of tranquility and on weekends I enjoy

the beach with a good rice.

In Madrid I used to go around the shopping centers".

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Neither his mind nor his body nor his soul is willing to return to Madrid "because I don't want to have the sword of Damocles from the audiences", he assures convinced because "in our program we will not have many means,

we are the television with the least budget of Spain,

but surely it is the one that has the most love".

Its mission is to entertain the elderly with


during the after-dinner meal.

In the new season of the magazine, he has a luxury co-host,

Ana Ruiz, his wife:

"She is a

personal sports

trainer and I am giving myself the pleasure of working with her. She is intelligent, a good

professional, funny, she is very hot

(laughs) and she is 20 years younger than me. She's quite a woman's show!"

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She was the one who, after the pandemic, told him

to stop his

professional activity because he was also the founder and

leader of the band Los Happys

, with whom he performed 154 gigs in 2019.

She told him, "Really, honey? You're going to get yourself into that mess, going here and there, with no weekends off...".

Both live

in an urbanization on the outskirts of the city

, "but in ten minutes I stand in the center to have a beer with friends," our interviewee emphasizes.

With the masks practically stored in a drawer, Antonio takes stock: "People have much

more bad temper, they are more selfish and aggressive.

The pandemic has ruined us. But, fortunately, there are those who have realized

how ephemeral it is all".

Naty Mistral already prophesied it years ago: "Take it away, take it away, I've already seen this movie and I don't like the ending."

Antonio is sorry for

his son, who at 26 years old

"is going to have to go through quite hard periods for humanity. What is to come does not smell good to me."

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The young man began flirting with the world of entertainment.

"But son, for God's sake, don't go there,

have a normal job,"

his father replied without betraying his sense of humor.

He spent two years in a drama school, "but he has also done advertising...

he is very handsome

- Hidalgo emphasizes - and now he is working in a company related to the events that are organized for the record signing and books".

He anticipates that his daughter has begun to write one.

"It would give me a gift if I published it, even if I was the only one who bought it," he clarifies.

Anthony is happy.

He would not return to work in Madrid even if he died,

"but I go from time to time to see my mother, who is older, and to see the theater. Like a tourist."

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It doesn't hurt to admit that he is

addicted to the mobile,

although always with the aim of having fun.

That is why he loves uploading

silly videos to Instagram,

even if he meets some hater.

One recently wrote to him: "What he has to do is come out of the closet, he's funny when he's not and he's finished" and another commented: "Look at him, for what's left.

He's foolish to come back to the fore ".

Antonio sums up this trend: "Haters are a gang of frustrated and dissatisfied who pour out their bad slime on people who stand out at something. What a sad life they must have!"

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