China News Agency, United Nations, November 23. The Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations stated on the 23rd that China will pay the United Nations peacekeeping assessments for the previous mandate period of the 11 active peacekeeping missions in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

  The delegation said that China had already paid in full the 2022 UN membership fee and the assessed contribution of the Residual Mechanism of the International Criminal Tribunal.

As the second largest contributor to the United Nations General Assembly and peacekeeping, a permanent member of the Security Council and the largest developing country, China has always actively fulfilled its financial obligations to the United Nations. The responsibility and responsibility of a major country.

  The delegation pointed out that adhering to multilateralism is a broad consensus in the international community, and strengthening the role of the United Nations meets the general expectations of member states.

China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, a defender of international order, and a provider of public goods.

The Communist Party of China successfully held its 20th National Congress in October this year, and made an important strategic plan for China's future development. It reiterated that China actively advocates and practices true multilateralism, actively participates in the reform and construction of the global governance system, and firmly upholds the United Nations The international system at its core, firmly uphold the international order based on international law, and firmly uphold the core role of the United Nations in international affairs.

  The delegation stated that UN peacekeeping operations play a vital role in eliminating the root causes of conflicts, maintaining the stability of the countries involved and achieving lasting peace.

China has always been committed to political settlement of hotspot issues. It is an active participant and important contributor to UN peacekeeping operations. It attaches great importance to peacekeeping work and is the largest contributor of troops among the permanent members of the Security Council.

China supports the United Nations in strengthening peacekeeping capacity building and promoting the safety of peacekeepers, and has been actively promoting the international community to increase investment and take action to this end.

  The delegation stated that China calls for continuous improvement of the UN's financial situation and strengthening of budget management, and supports the UN in playing a greater role in addressing global challenges.

China hopes that other member states, especially the major contributors, will pay their dues and assessments in full and in a timely manner, set an example with practical actions, and support the United Nations in playing an important role.