Media such as the Los Angeles Times (LAT) reported on the 15th (local time) that a female flight attendant of a domestic airline was stabbed and in critical condition in Los Angeles, California, USA.

According to the local police and aviation industry, a homeless man in his 40s approached a 9-year-old boy at a large mart target store located in a shopping mall near downtown, LA, on the afternoon of that afternoon, shouted, "I will stab you to death," and grabbed the child's back as he tried to run away. Stabbed with a knife.

He then walked across the store and approached a group of women and stabbed A (25), a Korean airline employee, in the chest.

Passers-by took Mr. A to a nearby pharmacy, and the gunman who followed him died in the hospital after being shot by a security guard standing nearby.

The two injured, including Mr. A, were taken to the hospital and are receiving treatment, but are in critical condition.

It is known that Mr. A suffered a change while waiting for a return flight in the local area after completing the Incheon-LA route at the time.

An official from the airline said, “Mr. A is undergoing surgery,” and “the company will spare no support for the victim’s quick recovery.”