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In addition to the government's power prerogative, limiting the use of your electric or gas heaters has a few benefits.

For example, heating with a wood stove is an alternative that is both economical and ecological.

Very profitable solution, it can be very aesthetic in addition to being efficient.

However, it is not necessarily easy to choose the right wood stove.

Here is a small selection to help you.

The selection of the 6 best wood stoves to choose from in 2022:

  • PRITY K2 CP 10 kW: power and good performance at a low price

  • SUPRA - KYO: solid, stylish and efficient

  • GODIN - CUBE: 100% French manufacturing

  • PANADERO R5 Titanium: a corner wood stove with oven

  • INVICTA - CHATEL: ecological and powerful

  • Nordica DORELLA L8: specialist in heat accumulation

Prity K2 CP 10 kW: power and good efficiency at a low price

A heating power of 10 kW has a rather interesting price, this is what characterizes this Prity K2 wood stove.

It is very efficient for heating medium to large areas.

The device is quite easy to use.

It is, in fact, equipped with a device which makes it possible to control the arrivals and escapes of air.

The recovery of the ashes is facilitated by its large size, but also thanks to the presence of a very practical adjuster.

In terms of materials, we find cast iron, ideal for the life of the stove (resists knocks and scratches).

Finally, the thick glass and the wooden finishes give a very modern design to the device.

It is also quite compact: it fits easily into small spaces as well as larger ones.

Most :

  • Good value for money ;

  • Very powerful stove with good efficiency (77.6%);

  • Its ease of operation;

  • Log storage space;

  • Very easy to clean.

The lessers : 

  • Slightly rapid cooling;

  • No remote control;

  • Stove paint chipping easily.

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SUPRA KYO: the solid, stylish and efficient stove

Would you like a wood stove, discreet and efficient, to warm you up?

This is what SUPRA offers with its highly efficient device.

Designed to heat a house up to 150 m², it is both compact and aesthetic.

With its elegant lines, this cast iron stove goes perfectly with the wooden legs (bleached oak colour).

In operation, the spacious glass provides a good view of the flames.

But the device is not only an element of decoration.

With its 10 kW of power, it is able to heat a room quite quickly, and for a considerable time.

Finally, many elements have been designed to simplify the use of the stove.

This is the case with, in particular, the removable deflector (to evacuate the smoke more easily) or its large ashtray (also removable).

Most :

  • Compact and design device;

  • Very powerful stove with good efficiency (77%);

  • Quite easy to use;

  • Its very practical “clean glass” system;

  • Very easy to clean.

The lessers : 

  • The price is a bit high;

  • No space provided for logs;

  • It is not compatible with BBC RT 2012 type houses.

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GODIN - CUBE: the 100% French stove

Godin offers here an efficient, space-saving stove with a sober design.

Anthracite-coloured cast iron structure, large-area glass... This French-made device will blend into your interior very easily.

Despite its average power, it will gently warm your home.

This is partly thanks to a very attractive yield (78.2%).

It is also able to accommodate logs up to 55 centimeters.

Easily adjustable, you have the possibility of varying the intensity of the combustion.

The bonus?

The stove is guaranteed for six years.

Most :

  • 100% French manufacturing;

  • Sober and warm design;

  • Stove with good efficiency (78.2%);

  • Quite easy to use;

  • Accommodates large logs;

  • Cast iron structure (durable and resistant).

The lessers : 

  • The price is a bit high;

  • The device is very heavy;

  • The ashtray is not really ergonomic.

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PANADERO R5 Titanium: a corner wood stove with oven

A discreet wood stove is practical.

But a corner stove is even better.

This is precisely what the PANADERO brand offers here.

The appliance is designed to heat as well as possible while taking up as little space as possible.

With a fairly large heating volume (230 m³), ​​your entire home will benefit from it.

In addition to its good power (8 kW) and excellent efficiency (88.2%), the hearth accommodates 50 cm logs.

If it brings you warmth and comfort, this stove is also equipped with an upper oven.

Heat a good pizza over a wood fire, warm croissants in the morning… All of this will be possible with this appliance.

On the practical side, a space is dedicated to the storage of logs and the window is equipped with a clean glass system.

And as a bonus, this stove is very aesthetic.

Most :

  • Corner device;

  • Excellent yield (82%);

  • The steel structure;

  • Its very practical “clean glass” system;

  • The presence of an oven.

The lessers : 

  • Expensive stove;

  • Log storage space a bit small;

  • Fairly basic design.

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INVICTA - CHATEL: ecological and powerful

Brand of well-known wood stoves, INVICTA offers us here a very efficient device at a reasonable price.

In addition to being very elegant, it is actually designed to heat up quickly and for a long time.

By maintaining a power of 8 kW (modular power from 5 to 12 kW), you will obtain ideal performance, while respecting the environment as much as possible.

Then you will have the option to choose an extended burn without reloading (for eight hours).

This function is ideal for keeping warm at night, without suffering the cold of winter mornings.

Capable of heating a maximum area of ​​100 m², its efficiency is, as a bonus, very interesting (77%).

Finally, its cast iron construction makes it a solid stove that is easy to integrate into an interior.

Most :

  • Very good value for money ;

  • Ecological stove: it has the “Flamme Verte” label of 7 stars;

  • Fairly good yield (77%);

  • The power is adjustable (from 5 kW to 12 kW);

  • The extended burn function;

  • The clean glass system;

  • The design is elegant and the large glazed surface.

The lessers : 

  • Paint tends to run;

  • Lack of storage space for logs.

See the price on Cdiscount

Nordica DORELLA L8: specialist in heat accumulation

A wood-burning stove with heat accumulation allows heating for a longer period of time.

Among the references in the genre, we find the Dorella from the Nordica brand.

This is particularly the case thanks to its quality manufacture and its long-lasting effectiveness.

Its thermal power of 8.5 kW and its interesting efficiency of 79.5% quickly heat a volume of 252 m³.

For the accumulation of heat, it is its design that gives it its effectiveness.

Indeed, the device is made of cast iron, then covered with natural stones or earthenware.

This is what gives it its rustic and authentic design.

Easy to use, you will be able to choose multiple configurations for the flue and control the combustion.

A stove that heats up quickly, efficiently and keeps the heat for a long time:

Most :

  • Very good value for money ;

  • Very powerful and efficient device (79.2%);

  • Its ease of operation;

  • Log storage space;

  • Customizable (3 colors exist);

  • Stove with heat accumulation.

The lessers : 

  • Stove that tends to consume a lot of wood;

  • No remote control;

  • Rustic design that doesn't appeal to everyone

  • Quite a large device. 

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What is the efficiency of a wood stove?

We talk a lot about the performance of a wood stove.

In fact, it is the ratio between the quantity of fuel consumption and the quality of heating (ratio of energy produced/energy consumed).

We can consider that the efficiency of a stove is good from 75%.

This is also the minimum percentage for a device to obtain seven stars with the famous ecological label "green flame" (energy label).

How to choose your wood stove?

The choice of the best wood stove will be different depending on your use.

The characteristics to be analyzed will not be the same if you intend to use it as a main heater or as an auxiliary heater.

Obviously, the power will have to vary according to the surface of the parts to be heated.

Efficiency and heat storage capacity (convection or accumulation?) should not be neglected either.

Finally, pay attention to the size of the device.

Apart from the aesthetic and practical side, an imposing stove can be quite dangerous. 

As with any new investment, you should analyze your own needs and habits to make the best choice.

This is also the case for finding the best wood stove.

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