A road accident involving a car and a truck occurred late Monday morning on a national road in Cuigy-en-Bray, near Beauvais (Oise).

Fortunately, no one was killed in the collision;

reports Actu Oise.

The truck was obviously carrying hazardous materials.

According to the first elements collected by the gendarmerie, it would be a nitrogen load;


Oise Hebdo


After the impact, he lay down on the side of the road.

Truck driver slightly injured

The truck and the car were coming in the opposite direction, and the driver allegedly swerved to avoid the light vehicle, which veered out of its lane.

The fire brigade and the gendarmerie intervened after the accident.

The SDIS gave no information on the state of health of the two drivers.

According to

Oise Hebdo

, the truck driver was slightly injured in the arm.

Alternating traffic was put in place, the time to take care of the victims and move the vehicles involved.

Miscellaneous facts

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