Burkina Faso: Ibrahim Traoré announces the holding of "national meetings" on October 14 and 15

Captain Ibrahim Traoré (center) at the General Sangoule Lamizana military camp in Ouagadougou, October 8, 2022. (illustrative image) AFP - ISSOUF SANOGO

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Captain Ibrahim Traoré announced on Saturday the holding on October 14 and 15 of "national meetings" to appoint a transitional president, before the organization of elections in 2024. As soon as he took power, he had stressed that he was not interested in the management of political power.

His objective was to find himself on the ground with his men for the reconquest of localities under the control of armed terrorist groups.


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With our correspondent in Ouagadougou,

Yaya Boudani


In view of the adoption of the transition charter, a national meeting is convened on October 14 and 15

" in Ouagadougou, indicates a decree signed by Captain

Ibrahim Traoré, the head of state


These meetings will bring together representatives of all socio-professional strata of the country: politicians, trade unions, customary and religious authorities, and civil society actors. 

This will first focus on the drafting and adoption of a transition charter.

A charter which should define the organs of the transition and their composition.

These meetings will also be the opportunity to designate the president after the adoption of the charter.

He will remain in charge of the transition until the elections for a return to normal constitutional order. 

Captain Ibrahim Traoré had stressed that it was necessary to move quickly because "

everything is urgent in the country


Officially appointed Head of State with the adoption of a fundamental act last Wednesday, he assured shortly after taking power that he would only expedite "

current business

" until the appointment of a new civilian or military transitional president by "

national meetings


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